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What We Offer



Highly Quality International Brands

We like having clever, high-quality, and stylish products for our own homes; only the best would do, really. It's why every product we bring in has been carefully considered for quality, fit for local use, and cost-effectiveness. We love supporting people who innovate and bring ingenious products to improve our homes and offices.


Local Expertise & Fabrication Capabilities

We have our manufacturing facility located in Singapore in order to offer a consistent supply of high-quality products requiring precision manufacturing for the renovation and construction industry. This decision allows the company to focus on providing prompt, efficient and effective service and warranty support.


Research & Design

Market Localisation

Our international partners appreciate our understanding of the local demands and keen insights into product development requirements for the region. Durablinds is highly valued for its meticulousness in manufacturing but also for its ability to facilitate innovation and test products.


Product and Installation Expertise

Durablinds is at the forefront of sharing its expertise in the interior and outdoor installation of track-guided blinds with soft furnishing retailers in the market. With regular theory and hands-on practical training sessions, Durablinds also trains and audits its retailers on the installation methods used to ensure consistency in brand experience locally.

Creatives Discussing Project


Marketing & Sales Support for Retailers

We understand that sales is the lifeblood of any business. Durablinds offers practical support through the creation and sharing of marketing material, sales kits, and even sales coaching.

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