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Our Story

We like having clever, high-quality and stylish products for our own homes. That’s why choosing Ziptrak®, the most popular brand in Australia, was a no-brainer. We’ll admit it; bringing Ziptrak® blinds to Singapore and Malaysia was a completely selfish decision. We saw it, fell in love with it, and wanted it for ourselves. And so, we imported our first batch of Ziptrak® blinds in June 2017, at a time when track-guided blinds were almost unheard of.


Ziptrak® was first introduced to Singapore in 2016, when Durablinds Trading was appointed the exclusive distributor and fabricator in Singapore and Malaysia by Ziptrak Pty Ltd.


Glass Curtains®

Glass Curtains® was the one that started it all. Identified for its superior ability to extend living spaces, while enabling users to revert to an outdoor environment, this product won us, and many others over.


BULL & STEIN, a Brazilian-German collaboration, was founded in São Paulo by Cynthia Stein and Marcus Bull in 2000. The company has been celebrating a decade of business success in manufacturing and distribution of premium quality ceramic sculptures worldwide.

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